Dual pallet mills, one of the ways GPI reduces costs and processes.

We are not only committed to reducing your costs, we are eager to improve your lead times and processes. Reduced costs and processes through elimination of recurring set ups, human interaction and energy. This is how we achieve those goals.

Mori-Seiki 5000 FMS

Our Mori-Seiki 5000 FMS has the ability to machine components for hours on end without human interaction. FMS capability allows us to quickly machine 13 different components with no repeat set up time or cost.


  • Pallet Size: 26” Cubic
  • Tool Capacity: 260
  • Pallets: 13
  • Wireless Capability: Fully operational without human presence.
  • Storage: Saves all programs, reducing setup time.

(2) Mori-Seiki SH500 FMS

Why Two Is Better Than One:

These two Mori-Seiki SH500’s on our FMS system can run the exact same job at the same time with zero human interference; resulting in lower setup, and production costs.


  • Pallet Size: 23” Cubic
  • Tool Capacity: 50 x 2
  • Pallets: 18
  • Wireless Capability: Fully operational without human presence.
  • 2X the production: Two Mori-Seiki 500’s connected to the same pallet system.

Quick Turn: When Production Meets Efficiency

No More Expediting Fees:

When it comes to production, every second counts and with our (5) Mori-Seiki “dual pallet systems” there is never any lost time to pallet changing. We are able to be even more cost competitive on the basis of quicker lead times and more efficient production.


  • Machines: (5) Mori-Seiki horizontal, dual pallet mills
  • Tool Capacity: 20 x 20
  • Spindle Speed: 12,000 to 20,000RPM
  • Tool Crib: 40 to 60
  • Flexibility: These machines are capable of running two different jobs on one program, resulting in lower setup costs and breakdown time.